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Where Local Heroes and Superheroes Unite.
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…die a hero…

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Gaming and

…the villian.


The first Budapest Comic Con is here, opens its gates this November. Comics, series and movie enthusiasts meet with great interest all over the world.

For the first time in Hungary at one event you can meet foreign and local movie stars, international cosplay and anime celebrities.

Movie lectures, professional talks, audience meetings, video games, comics, card games, e-sport competitions, shopping and many more colorful programs await you in August.

It is a great opportunity and challenge for us to host the first Comic Con in Hungary. We have visited many countries since we have been planning to bring you this internationally acknowledged festival.

Comic Con is a pop-cultural, cross-genre but also genre-connected festival. Visitors have a variety of interests – and we strive to meet these diverse expectations. This is the exhibition and fair of science fiction, fantasy, manga, cosplay, series, movies, comics, card games, board games and game consoles. All of these will be part of the exhibition.

We begin in the near future and continue to announce further details until the event. We will soon announce the names of the local and international stars you may meet at the Budapest Comic Con. Our goal is to make Budapest Comic Con one of the most significant events among European Cons within a few years.

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