Luce Cosplay

Leslie Isabel Patriarchi
  • Saturday - Sunday
  • PhotographsYou can take photographs with the artist. Add-on tickets not needed.

Luce Cosplay

Leslie Isabel Patriarchi, also known as Luce Cosplay, is a Cosplayer since 2008 personally making her costumes, weapons and accessories. She is an experienced seamstress and costume designer with more than ten-year experience.

She has created and wore over 80 cosplays and realizes costumes on commission for Italy and abroad. She has participated in most of the major competitions since 2012 winning multiple awards, last one that makes her represent her Italy at the International Cosplay Competition Clara Cow Cosplay Cup 2019.

Her cosplays have traveled around the world attracting the interest of numerous companies, events and video game houses like Namco Bandai who shared her Tekken 7 Eliza cosplay on all their official worldwide pages, or like Gentiana from Final Fantasy XV and Shiva from Final Fantasy XIV with whom she attended the Frankfurt Fan Festival with Square-Enix.