Germia Cosplay

Germia Cosplay

  • Saturday - Sunday
  • PhotographsYou can take photographs with the artist. Add-on tickets not needed.

Germia Cosplay

I’m Germia, female gamer, crafting and gaming streamer and cosplayer from Czech Republic.

I started with gaming when I was a small child and through my gaming passion and e-sport I discovered also cosplay. I finished my first cosplay in the year 2015 and since then it became a big passion and love!
Since then I’ve brought over 20 characters to life, especially strong female characters are my favourite!

I participated and won several different local and international cosplay tournaments and became twice European cosplay champion.

My work became more and more recognized in the community and I am now being invited to be a cosplay guest, judge and panelist at conventions all around the world. I love to give back to cosplay community, so I started making and sharing tutorials, stream my cosplay work and I also share my experiences and opinions.