About the Event

What is Comic Con?

Comic Con is a pop-cultural, cross-genre but also genre-connected festival. Visitors have a variety of interests – and we strive to meet these diverse expectations.

This is the exhibition and fair of science fiction, fantasy, manga, cosplay, series, movies, comics, card games, board games and game consoles. All of these will be part of the exhibition.

For the first time in Hungary at one event you can meet foreign and local movie stars, international cosplay and anime celebrities.

Movie lectures, professional talks, audience meetings, video games, comics, card games, e-sport competitions, shopping and many more colorful programs await you in November.

Who is organising the event?

On 21-22 November 2020 is organized the first Budapest Comic Con by MEEX Agent Ltd., which is the organizer of PlayIT and Mineshow festivals.

What are the opening times of the festival?

The daily opening hours of Budapest Comic Con is from 10:00 till 18:00.

Can I bring my child with me?

The event is basically for adults and young adults, but of course you can bring your child at your own risk. The entrance is free for children under 3 years.

I don’t know any other fans. Can I come alone?

Of course! Budapest Comic Con is a great opportunity to meet other fans with similar interests to you.

Can I wear a costume to the event, even though I will not be competing?

Absolutely. You are most welcome to come in costume.

Are animals/pets permitted at the festival?

No, pets (cats, dogs, rats, etc.) are not allowed to enter the area of the event.


Where can I purchase tickets?

In advance of the event you can buy the tickets at budapestcomiccon.hu or you can find other ticket buying options there too.

How much do tickets cost?

You can find information about ticket prices and ticket contents at budapestcomiccon.hu/en/tickets

What is the difference between entry tickets and additional tickets?

You can enter the event with normal daily tickets, normal weekend and VIP weekend tickets. Unfortunately, admission tickets are not enough for all programs, there are lectures, dedications and photo programs that can only be taken with a supplementary program ticket. These supplementary tickets must be purchased to your entry ticket.

More information about the dedication and photo program supplementary tickets will be available soon. In the meantime, follow us on our website and on the Facebook page of the event, where we constantly update the information about the event.

Do I need to print my tickets?

There is no need, but we recommend this for your personal convenience (if your phone doesn’t work or there is a problem with barcode scanner, etc.).

Tickets will be checked upon entry to the event.
Attention: The QR code / bar code can only be scanned once. After scanning, the ticket becomes invalid and can not be reused. Please do not publish or share your ticket online before the event begins.

Do I need to have my ticket on me at all times?

Your ticket will be exchanged to an armband at your first entrance, keep your armband for the duration of the event.

Will it be a problem if someone else bought a ticket and another person comes with it to the event?

No, tickets are not registered for a name, so anyone can enter, but the QR / barcode on the ticket can only be used once.

May I leave the festival and then return during the same day?

Yes, we are exchanging your ticket to a wristband so you can leave and return the event during the same day.

VIP tickets

What does it mean to be a VIP ticket holder?

With this type of ticket, you can enjoy the event on both days as a VIP guest, ie:
you are eligible to use quick queues (both for entry and lectures);
you have prioty to book additional tickets for autographs and photoshoot programs (so you can get better seats at a program that interests you).

By the way, you will receive a Budapest Comic Con VIP Package, which will include limited edition con gifts. If you get tired with your 2 day pass, you can enjoy the relaxing experience of the VIP Lounge with refreshments and snacks.

Are there different entrances for day ticket holders, weekend ticket holders, and VIP ticket holders?

Yes, visitors with different ticket types enter different, labeled entrances.
For admission information, pay attention to our website, our Facebook page and your mailbox if you bought online ticket. You will receive detailed information about entry, services, and programs.

What is the VIP Lounge?

The VIP Lounge is an exclusive lounge area reserved for VIP pass visitors, where you can relax during the event, eat snacks or drink refreshments.

Photo Ops, Autographs

Which events do I have access to?

The autographs and photoshoot programs are continuously updated on the event website and Facebook page.

What are the rules on photos and autographs with guests?

The rules of autographs and photoshoot programs, along with the sale of autographs and photoshoot program additional tickets, will be posted on the event website.

Can I take photos and videos?

Yes, we are happy that you share your experience of the event on social media with your own photos. We just ask you to use the #budapestcomiccon hashtag whenever you can.
Important! Usage of large cameras are not allowed without prior accreditation.
Furthermore, during an event shooting is only allowed 5 minutes after the event starts or 5 minutes before the event ends. Some events / programs may prohibit taking photos and videos.

Important! It is forbidden to take photos with guests, except at official photoshoot additional engagement programs. If you break the rules, we have the right to expel you from the event without refunding your ticket.

Be sure to read our rules on using additional tickets and the rules for autographs and photoshoot programs. (Details coming soon …)

Will I appear in public photos and video footage?

By purchasing an entry ticket and entering the event area, you acknowledge that at the event may be taken photos, recorded audio and video by the organizer.

Accordingly, by attending the event, the visitor contributes to recording and possibly communicating the appearance of his/her face.

Due to the pictures and audio, video recordings published in connection with Budapest Comic Con, visitors do not make any claim to the organizer.


How do I get to the festival?

By car: from Róbert Károly körút, the park is recommended to be reached on the following route: in XIII. disctrict turn onto Reitter Ferenc Street, continue straight towards Újpest, and then leave Rákos-patak, turn right into Dolmány Street (museum sign indicates the park), which goes straight into the park. Parking is 500 HUF/day, with weekend VIP ticket is for free.

Important! From 2 January 2018 on weekdays the parking became payable on following nearable streets: the even side of Tatai street, and in nearable streets (Kucsma, Rokolya, Szent László, Reitter Ferenc etc.) On weekdays parking is payable from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 18:00. Parking fee is 175 HUF / hour, minimum parking time is 15 minutes, parking is for unlimited time.

By public transport

  • Bus number 30, 30A and 230 leaving from Keleti Railway Station or Újpest Központ ( get off at Rokolya utca stop)
  • Bus number 120 leaving from the Árpád-híd pesti hídfő or Újpest Központ (get off at Reitter Ferenc utca stop)
  • Take the tram number 14 from Lehel tér or Újpest Központ (get off at Rokolya utca stop)

By train: according to the timetable of MÁV-Start Zrt., from 11 April to 25 October 2020 on Saturdays and Sundays, from the Western Railway Station to Esztergom line with S72 passenger trains:

  • Departure from Nyugati Railway Station: 09:51; 10.51; 12:51.
  • Departure from the Vasútmúzeum (Hungarian Railway Museum) stop to Nyugati
  • Railway Station: 15:00; 16:00; 17:00.

By bike: the Museum is on a cycle path and has free bicycle parking

Exhibitors, Vendors

I am an exhibitor, I want to apply. How can I do it?

Please, write an e-mail to [email protected]

Media and Press

I am a journalist, photographer, reporter, youtuber etc. What does that mean for me?

Write an e-mail to [email protected] and our colleagues will respond to your accreditation.

Food and Drink, Checkroom

What are the refreshment options?

At the event area will be several buffets, food tracks and other consumption options.

I have come a long way. Where can I leave my coat and luggage?

There will be a cloakroom in the event area where you can leave your luggage.

General Questions

I have lost something. Where can I retrieve it?

Lost and found items will be collected at the event info point. Find the info point where our colleagues will help you.

You did not find the answer you were looking for? Please contact us.